Our Mission At Cowpokes For Camp Is To Inspire, Develop And Enrich Rural Young People To Reach Their Fullest Potential As Confident, Responsible Caring Members Of Society In Agriculture And Equine Education.
A Great Cause can start with 1 Singular Simple thought.
Change in a Child's life can start with 1 Single Simple Act of Kindness.
Cowpokes for Camp started with that 1 Singular Simple thought and works on the Premise that 1 Simple Act of Kindness makes the difference in a Deserving Child's Life.
If we can inspire and educate a child in the importance of Agriculture, Animal and Equine Sciences, then that child will make a difference.
They will make a difference in everyone's lives, not just their own.
Just think for a minute, if just 10% of the children we reach with our scholarships become passionate and continue with their education in Agriculture, Animal or Equine Sciences one of them may just become the scientist that invents a break though crop saving invention for our farmers, what if they become a Large Animal Vet that discovers the cure for Equine Colic, Saves a Species from extinction, or what if they discover a way to never make
a well run dry?
It takes 1 Deserving Child to become Great and Make a Difference in all of our Lives.
That Singular thought was: Today's Deserving Children are the future to Preserving our Agriculture, Farms, Ranch's and Rural Life. That Simple Act of Kindness is the Creation of Cowpokes for Camp Foundation.
We are a small foundation located in the Rural area of Valley Center in North San Diego County. This year we sent 8 kids to Rawhide Ranch Summer Camp. Our goals for 2018 have expanded our reach for deserving kids and we have set a goal for 2018 of 20/25 deserving kids to Rawhide Ranch, Supporting 10/12 kids in 4H Animal projects and 10/12 kids in the Young Riders Programs.
Our foundation depends solely on volunteers, donations, fund raising and sponsors to reach our goals. Our directors are all volunteers.
With the exception of very small basic operating costs, All Funds go directly to the support of scholarships for Camp, 4H and the Young Riders.

2017  Cowpokes For Camp Foundation